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Yawen Li

is aN
OKR Practioner

About the Practitioner Program

The Fitbots OKRs Practitioner Training is a 3 Hour program that equips working professionals with the foundational skills needed to Write and Manage OKRs.

What’s new in the Fitbots Goal Getters Academy

The Fitbots Goal Getters Academy provides courses, certifications, and community support for business leaders, agile practitioners, strategy consultants, and OKRs enthusiasts

OKR programs

Explore our OKRs practitioner and certification programs

We offer a menu of courses for executives, coaches , practitioners who are looking to apply techniques and best practices to get OKRs roll outs right the first time

CXO Orientation on OKRs

OKRs need sponsorships. The Top Management OKRs orientation program will get your executive team aligned on Why OKRs, and how to sustain OKRs as sponsors and leaders.

Duration: 3 Hours 
Cost: USD 499 per person
( Min batch size 10)

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Advanced Practitioner Program

Build your OKRs expertise by getting an in depth overview on how to write, manage, connect and sustain OKRs.

Duration: 6 Hours 
Cost: USD 199 per person
( Min batch size 20)

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OKRs Practitioner Program

Lightweight training for your business and people leaders to coach teams on OKRs.

3 Hours 
Cost: USD 79 per person
( Min batch size 20)

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OKRs Coach Certification

Build your professional brand with Fitbots and gain access to Goal Getters community.

Duration: 12 Hours 
Cost: USD 750 ( per person)

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Free OKRs Course

A fast pass course on OKRs with 5 bite-sized videos..

1 Hour 
Cost: Free

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We have coached over 5000+ teams

Kevin Baum
Global OKRs
Vidya Santhanam
Co-Founder & CEO Fitbots, OKRs Podcast Host
Richa Jha Arvind
Business Coach - OKRs & Strategy
Co-founder & CTO Fitbots Engineering & OKRs

What participants say about the program

Facilitators did an incredible job

The material was thorough and easy to understand, and the facilitators did an incredible job of ensuring that all of the participants grasped the content and knew how to apply it to our various working environments. As one of the few participants working for a non-profit, I especially appreciated their detail and care in answering my context-specific questions. This training has been so helpful for my team's OKR progress!

Kaura-lea Dueck
For Freedom International

Comprehensive OKR Course

The Fitbots OKRs course was comprehensive and helpful for a complete beginner like me. After attending the training sessions, I gained better understanding of the OKRs theory and am now better equipped to help my company implement OKRs. The trainers were supportive and answered my questions promptly. I also found the resources very useful and practical.

Huey Yan Ng TalentKraft
Fitbots OKRs Certification
Huey Yan Ng
Consultant Talentkraft

Amazing program!

The energy, expertise and practitioner experience, brought into the program by Kevin, Vidya and Kashi blew me away! This program is a must do for Internal OKR Champions who are looking to get their Organizations to a growth trajectory.

Mohan Sitharam
CHRO, Subex

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