Transitioning from Annual Goal Setting to OKRs

Will Group is a leading total talent solutions provider servicing global clients on recruitment, total talent management, HR tech and transformative data-driven insights. Will International is the international organization of the Japanese-listed Will Group and it adopted OKRs in 2021. 

In March 2021, they completed a well-thought-through and neatly crafted Annual Goal setting exercise, which was aligned to the 4 lenses of Balanced Scorecard. With the eye on these 4 lenses, the Senior Leadership team at Will Group decided to embrace OKRs to help them prioritize their business goals. 

Inspired by John Doerr’s bestseller ‘Measure What Matters,’ the drive for OKRs came from the need for a common language to help teams move from an output to an outcome-based way of management, and be more intentional in conveying key metrics that would bring business velocity. 

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