Cloud Kitchen Case Study

Case Study: Cloud Kitchen

Foodie Kitchens (Fictional company) is a cloud kitchen, bringing together home cooks who love cooking and people who love to eat but don’t like cooking to a common platform. The concept of foodie kitchen was so novel that many stay-at-home cooks with entrepreneurial dreams jumped onto the idea, making Foodie kitchens a very sought-after venture. 

Having raised USD 20M in investments, they needed to focus their strength on building a high energy, agile and future-focused team to work on innovative ways of connecting their users on both sides of the spectrum. But their biggest challenges were: 

  • Declining customer satisfaction
  • Mushrooming newer cloud kitchens
  • The number one however was, getting their teams to work together and bring them out of silos. 

They really needed a magic wand in many ways which could help them navigate through all these challenges while not losing focus on business growth .

Referring to all the takeaways from the 6 lessons, can you come up with a good strategy on how Foodie Kitchens address problem statement given below?

“We need to add 500 more customers on the platform with at least 50 new home cooks onboarded to match the cook:supplier ratio."

Our current challenges 

  • The product needs to be more up to date to connect users and home chefs
  • Customer success is an all time low 
  • Sales is at an all time high but the engineering teams can’t match up to the product sustainability demands

Pick up any one problem statement and show us how you could craft OKRs for any one of their teams and help them break the sluggish pattern on achieving their strategic priorities? 

Here’s a quick OKR formula refresher for you too. 

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