CXO Orientation on OKRs

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OKR Coach Certification
OKs for CEO Program

Advocacy by an OKRs sponsor and ambassadorship by the leadership team, is key to the success of an OKRs implementation.  At Fitbots, we recognize that these roles require a blend of coaching and training on the guardrails of an OKRs program, and how to coach teams towards high velocity business metrics.   

Mode of Program Delivery

LIVE virtual facilitation  by a senior OKRs certified coach.  

The course will cover: 

The course will cover: 

  • 7 Global Best  practices for Leadership teams to  introduce and sustain OKRs 
  • How to write Strategic OKRs for your company 
  • Connecting and Aligning OKRs
Who should attend?

The CXO Orientation program, is designed for busy executives who need an advanced overview of OKRs, and also learn how to apply them to address/execute key choke points in their business.


Successful Founders do not wing it

OKRs help you bridge the gap between strategy and execution. By choosing the right set of metrics and aligning your teams to outcomes, your company can crush growth targets.

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