How Talview Aced Teams' Alignment and Engagement through OKRs

2019 was when we took baby steps toward OKR implementation. We were never an expert in the process. However, the continuous hand-holding and support from the Fitbots team and the OKR coaches have today made us Talsters well-groomed, making sure we imbibed it very well. Today, I can proudly say, we do have many OKR experts in our team and they are very well versed with crafting their OKRs right!

Jobin Jose, COO & Co-Founder, Talview

About Talview


As classmates at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT B) in 2011, Sanjoe Tom Jose and Mani Ka recognized the value of using video during the interview process. At that time, the duo conducted mock interviews, which were manual, in-person, and time-intensive for both interviewers and candidates and saw fast-growing penetration of smartphones and the internet as catalysts for a change in the way organizations hire. 

What began as an idea of video interviewing soon led to the duo coming together with Tom Jose, a KPMG management consultant, and Jobin Jose, then an engineer with experience in audio-video technologies to form Interview Master, a video interviewing tool.

In 2017, three of the original founders transitioned the company into Talview Inc. Talview was founded on the notion that every person deserves an equal footing academically and professionally, which could be achieved with AI-powered solutions for hiring and assessments.

Together, Talview partners with our customers worldwide to focus on what matters most - enabling candidates and learners to succeed to their fullest potential.

All growth stories have their share of challenges


Talsters (as their employees are fondly called) were at crossroads when it came to alignment and magnitude of how their performance contributes to Organizational goals:

  • Teams primarily focused only on daily task completion 
  • Teams needed daily clarity on what they need to do  
  • Dependency on managers/decision makers was high, impacting accountability and ownership 

The leadership team at Talview is significantly invested in the professional and personal success of all Talsters. 

With a vision of creating an incredibly successful growth journey, the leadership team strongly believed that having a strong and purpose-led goal culture would ensure cross-functional alignment across teams in the company. 

Considering that they did not want their employees to be at a crossroads regarding alignment and achieving outcomes, OKRs featured as a top-of-the-list strategy execution framework for them.


Talview implemented the Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) framework to set clear objectives and track functional performance and outcomes. With Fitbots OKR Software and Coaching, their OKR journey became easier for driving alignment and prioritization. 

Even in the 'business as unusual' times due to the global pandemic, Fitbots worked with Talview in getting their teams aligned and engaged.

Despite the business shifting to a remote working setup, they set up their quarterly goals (Organizational and Functional) to help teams craft their OKRs and work towards initiatives and metrics which helped them achieve goals within defined timelines. 

Some of the aspects which helped Talsters stay on top of their game with OKR implementation were

Leadership buy-in

The complete sponsorship, buy-in, and commitment to OKRs by the leadership team ensured prioritizing outcomes, and de-prioritizing non-urgent activities, thus engaging teams successfully. 

The non-negotiable Weekly OKR Check-Ins meeting

On the same day, same time, every week, the champions brought the teams together to call out blockers, dependencies, celebrate wins and plan the week ahead, ensuring everyone was aligned to OKRs at all times. Every meeting focused on how the activity or task is aligned to OKR, steadily embedding OKRs as the 'genetic code' of every Talster.

Updating OKR progress on Fitbots

Every Friday evening, champions and owners ensured that everything discussed during check-in meetings was updated on Fitbots without fail, ensuring that teams could visualize, track and showcase progress on their OKRs regularly without losing sight.


A cultural shift that helped Talview drive teams’ alignment and engagement - Virtually

When worldwide, everyone was talking about the challenges of managing remote teams or coping with the stress of the Virtual World of Work, Talview managed their teams like Pros, despite working remotely.

  • Conversations saw a significant shift from daily tasks to outcomes that mattered
  • Every Talster was aware of the priorities and outcomes they needed to contribute to
  • Everyone could visualize how their daily tasks were aligned to team KRs and to company KRs
  • Reduced dependencies on managers/decision-makers, because now, team members were more aware and accountable for their outcomes than ever before