How did NeoDx bridge the gap between tasks and outcomes?

For the last 2 years, we have been using OKRs as a goal-setting system and leveraging Fitbots OKRs to track progress, create alignment, and encourage engagement around measurable goals. The Fitbots OKRs team has trained our team and helped us set up OKRs. It has been a great experience learning and leveraging the new methodology for our growth!

Prabhakar Kulkarni Ph.D, Co-founder and CEO

The Impact of OKRs

Key Metrics

Clarity on interdependencies between teams 
Alignment alongside a sense of purpose and urgency towards common outcomes 
Shift from directive conversations to open, participative discussions
About NeoDx

Company Overview

Industry: Biotechnology Research

Headquarters: Bangalore, Karnataka

Company size: 11-50 employees

Incorporated in Mid-2020, NeoDx Biotech Labs is a Startup harnessing Advanced Bioinformatics to develop High-Quality In-Vitro Diagnostics Products that reduce the time labs and hospitals need to take treatment-centric decisions.

From Infectious diseases to Cancers, and from Lab-based products to At-Home tests, NeoDx is dedicated to Create and Provide Advanced Diagnostic Technologies for healthier Human Lives.

About NeoDx | NeoDx

Creating a Structure for Sustainable Growth

The Challenge

NeoDx’s strategy revolves around the concepts of being relevant and realistic. The founders of NeoDx had a common vision for the company to create a lean and agile team of scientists who could provide accessible solutions. The founders came across OKRs and spontaneously decided that OKRs was the framework that would structure sustainable growth for NeoDx.

NeoDx recognized that they already had the required discipline and commitment to onboard teams on OKRs. OKRs would help bring in the clarity and structure needed to make the team of multitasking experts more efficient and focused.

Connected and Aligned OKRs

The Solution

OKRs were the most suitable framework to set goals that were realistic but aspirational. With the approach of integrated OKR software and coaching with Fitbots, the OKR rollout brought a host of benefits: 

  • NeoDx had a company-wide culture and values fostering clarity, structure, and communication, underlined by transparency. OKRs helped connect these values to their strategy.
  • The OKR structure was not hierarchical, rather, it made the existing structure more efficient so that team members could communicate in real-time with help from the Fitbots OKR software.
  • Everyone in the company was connected to strategic activities and had clarity on priorities and purpose at any given time, building a sense of ownership and urgency.
  • Before OKRs, there was an issue of ownership of a task vs ownership of a problem. While tasks were completed, outcomes were overlooked. This could be where teams fail to achieve their goals because they only look at the task and not the outcome. However, bringing OKRs into the picture made teams more outcome-focused.

Connecting Tasks, Problems, and Purpose

The Result

Thanks to OKRs managed on Fitbots, there was a clear connection between a task, a problem, and the purpose. OKR brought alignment and a sense of urgency. Without alignment, the purpose would not be achieved even if it is known. 

The leadership teams learned the importance of sponsorship, and keeping team spirits high even when OKRs were not met. The conversation style moved from directive and instruction-led towards participative coach-led discussions.

Additionally, the team at NeoDx became more reflective in their OKR achievement process. Even if OKRs were not met for the quarter, the team found performance insights through the OKR software and could determine the learning opportunity even in failure. 

All interdependencies were clear between teams. OKRs resulted in getting the alignment right on metrics, with every team looking at the same metrics.

"Making sure that both success and failure are taken in the right spirit is really important."

- Dr Prabhakar Kulkarni, Co-Founder and CEO at NeoDX BioTech Labs

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