Transform from a Manager to a Claus-itive Coach!
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Transform from a Manager to a Claus-itive Coach!

Transform from a Manager to a Claus-itive Coach!

It’s snow secret that organizations are placing emphasis on sprucing up a goal-driven culture using frameworks like OKRs.

Before we start a spectacular 2024, we wanted to shine the spotlight on managers becoming OKR coaches by moving away from directing, and allowing more accountability and ownership amongst teams.

We thought, this time, we will take some leadership lessons from none other than our Grand Old Santa!

1) How does Santa know what you want for Christmas? He listens.‍

So as a manager, you should be a patient listener! Encourage members to share their understanding of the organizational or business objectives. Try asking open-ended questions to help them discover business metrics in their own abilities. Allow them to build the motivation around what they want to do, rather than telling them how they should do something. A quick hack to get this right is to ask them “What” questions and not “Why” questions. Asking such questions will help in exploring how they make progress towards their outcomes. And try to keep the tone clausitive!

2) He builds accountability amongst elves.

Santa enables his team members to own up their tasks from start to end. Make sure that your teams pick up their work, set pace, and also develop a sense of responsibility. It’s good to start slow and play up that rewarding feeling of a job well done. Your team should look up to you as the anchor. Moreover, encourage them to approach you when they need to course correct.

3) Fir-get that boring list of instructions!

Managers tend to hold on for a deer life and give instructions to team members on how to progress with tasks - but this only counters the team’s productivity and confidence. Instead of directing teams and flaking the group, let them make the decisions, and make them feel in control of their tasks. Be the North Star to your team and unleash their potential.

“A good coach will make his players see what they can be rather than what they are.”

— Ara Parasheghian.

If you want to learn more about implementing an OKR culture while focusing on the manager’s role, check out these nuggets of advise from successful OKR practitioners - we promise you’ll be s-mitten.

And that’s a (gift) wrap!


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