The Champions Hall of Fame III
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The Champions Hall of Fame III

The Champions Hall of Fame III

Aaand we are back …. Yet again with an exciting quarter that just came to a close and a new one that comes with a lot of new surprises in store. No matter which quarter, we have our Champions who always stand out in their efforts towards leading their teams toward the critical outcomes that they set out to achieve.  

Does this quote resonate with you? It definitely does with us. Many of our champions quarter on quarter have exhibited that to keep the momentum, energy, and most importantly focus needed for achieving OKRs, goes way beyond the routine management style of tracking progress. It needs differential thinking in the way you approach the teams on outcomes they are accountable for. Our Champions lead the way with their special touch on working with their teams to find the best ways to collaborate, align and create sustained success on their key business metrics. 

Well, not just this, this time our Champions come from varied industry spaces. So if you are from technology, real estate, educational institutions, or even the life-science industry, you sure know that with the right Champions leading the way to successful implementation, you can create your own success story with OKRs, no matter the industry!

Without much ado, let’s now introduce you to our OKR Champions of this quarter. 

1. Charu Krisnamoorthy

Head of Business Development, NeoDx Biotech Labs Pvt Ltd.

"OKR’s has brought direction, transparency, and clarity to our organization. In the hustle of startup life, OKR was the need of the hour to ensure that we stay on track towards our ultimate mission and vision. Cross-functional alignments have been a boon to us for tackling the various roadblocks we had to endure in our journey. 

One of the best practices we have introduced on OKRs is to make sure that the entire team is involved in building the OKRs for the upcoming quarter. The team is involved in brainstorming and structuring before finalizing the OKRs. This in turn has had a huge impact on empowering the team with leadership abilities to attain and surpass their set targets for the quarter."

2. Dr. Chitra Ravi

Director, School of Science Studies, CMR University, Bangalore

OKR has helped the leadership and faculty of CMR University to set goals through objectives, key results and milestones and implement them to achieve measurable outcomes. It has encouraged a collaborative work environment. Timely review through weekly insights and focus on measurable outcome makes it a powerful tool.

What do you love about OKRs?  

The OKR framework is an excellent tool to set the goals of various school and non-school entities aligning with the University goals. This helps us define measurable goals (quarterly) that could be aspirational or committed and also track them. The objectives, key results and milestones can be clearly defined based on the objectives, initiatives and activities. It indicates the overall progress and confidence index as the performance measure to indicate the status as to which KRs need attention and hence are to be watched, those that are at risk and those that are on track. The weekly insights are very useful to help the user analyse the weekly progress and work on them for improvement. It is a very good tool for strategy planning of operations and implementation of the same, leading to measurable outcomes. It gives an integrated view of progress of all teams of the organization. Timely review and focus on measurable outcomes makes it a powerful tool. It encourages the culture of achieving targets in the organization. It promotes a collaborative working environment that improves the communication across various entities of the University.

What are the best practices you have introduced on OKRs? 

1. Each key result is assigned an owner for accountability.

2. The progress can be measured through metrics or milestones and is expressed as a percentage. The school aims at atleast 70% success rate for competitive goal setting.

3. With the inputs from the team members of the school, the optimum number of objectives and Key results are defined in the OKR framework for realistic goal achievement.

4. The Objectives and Key Results of the school are aligned with University Objectives and Key Results.

3. Sourav Jamwal

Tech Lead - Acviss Technologies

What do you love about OKRs? 

A. It helped us look back into the previous quarter and decide our priorities and work for the next quarter.

B. One thing in particular I love about OKR is that the long timeline helps in creating bigger goals which are not tracked accurately in the Sprints normally.

What are the best practices you have introduced on OKRs? 

We have introduced the following best practices for the creation, selection, and implementation of OKRs. 

  1. Objective will be a quarterly target but the Key Results will be divided into the 2-4 weeks deadline, then for weekly or bi-weekly progress will be tracked on Milestones.
  2. We select the OKRs as per the Priority, just like a scrum meeting we would sit together on a call and decide which one is priority and then those OKRs will be introduced in the upcoming Quarter and we try to stick to those OKRs and don't make much changes (minor iterations are done as per the requirements).
  3. We try to break down milestones in OKRs into tasks in our sprint, in this way we are able to track the time users are putting into their Daily work and OKRs and this also helps employees justify the time and effort they're putting in.
  4. We are thinking of creating our Sprints as close as possible to the Milestones in the OKRs.


4. Sandeep Vadnere


What are the best practices you have introduced on OKRs?

We have separate teams on Product and Engineering, and there are initiatives by engineering that enable Product teams to deliver projects/updates. We ensure that the weekly cadence between both teams is a joint exercise so that both teams are aware of the progress, impediments, challenges. And we are able to set-up weekly milestones during the check-ins which helps drive people towards common goals. 

Another best practice is calling out members from other teams on which there could be dependent items, and asking for help. Putting it up on the Fitbots platform does help with the urgency bit. 

What do you love about OKRs?

By setting up the right KRs, OKRs help drive product teams to be outcome focused rather than output focused. What I mean by that is the teams can focus on effecting and measuring change brought in by introducing a new product/feature. As a result the teams tend to be closer to the user problems and can take informed decisions on changes in the platform. 

 5. Nitisha Goyal

Product Manager, Dresma

Fitbots has made it very convenient for us to plan our quarterly goals. We are able to effectively prioritize our tasks to achieve the outcomes as a team. By bringing the entire team together on the same platform, we have been able to get into the granularity of each task with the impact they would make on the overall goal. With a single dashboard, the entire organization is apprised of the progress the organization is making. Soujanya, our Fitbots coach, has been a great help and support system. She has guided us through the entire process and helped us adopt the process seamlessly. Highly recommended for Organization Success!

6. Neha Mishra

VP HR - Homesfy Realty Pvt. Ltd.

"The best thing about OKRs is that it brings and drives people in the same format to accomplish the organizational goals. The beauty of it is that once it fits in, we don’t really notice it."

What are the best practices you have introduced on OKRs? 

  1. Identified off track tasks and planned interventions basis impact and progress
  2. The reflection sessions in smaller groups to identify opportunities for improvement and refinement
  3. We transitioned from day long weekly business reviews to 5 hours sharp OKR led reviews.


What do you love about OKRs? 

  1. OKRs align people at all levels to the strategic goals
  2. It helps sharpening the specifics from the delivery perspective
  3. It builds stronger teams focused not on task but the IMPACT.


Did our Champions inspire you yet again? We are so sure they did, because they go over and beyond to create the right culture needed by their companies to implement and create success with OKRs. Learning from risks and failures is one of they key standouts in OKR implementation and this is why we love what Rocky Balboa says “Every champion was once a contender who refused to give up.” As we always say, there is no one culture fits all for OKR implementation, you need to find the best way to implement it in your company, one that matches your company’s culture. 

And over and beyond anything, have trust in the framework, and most importantly the patience to drive it with the right attitude by having the right people to anchor the implementation. 

Want your company to leverage the goodness of OKRs with the right process, and the best OKR coaching, we offer affordable packages with experts of the highest tier to guide you through step-by-step OKR implementation.

About the Author

Richa is a Certified Leadership and Strategy Coach.  As an OKR Coach, she helps organizations get laser-focused on identifying their strategy in alignment with their business mission. Having coached close to 1000 teams globally, she helps companies build OKRs as a culture for sustained cadence and not as a one-time process.  She likes writing about strategy execution, building high-performance organizations, leadership, and employee engagement.


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