Simplifying OKR Check-ins With Fitbots to Make Them Stick
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Simplifying OKR Check-ins With Fitbots to Make Them Stick

Simplifying OKR Check-ins With Fitbots to Make Them Stick

Remember the last time you set a goal on losing weight!? You probably got an adrenaline rush, pull out a POST-IT and stuck on the fridge under a fridge magnet. And voila, the very next day, it was business back to usual, munching a cheeseburger for lunch, and your goal... Of course, buried away somewhere, phew! RIP

This is a classic case of Set .. and Forget. An absolute No-No when it comes to OKRs.

So, what are OKRs?

OKRs are a critical thinking framework that inspires teams to select very specific metrics that matter most, to propel the business forward.

OKRs force teams to make tough choices in picking a mix of lead and lag indicators, connecting & aligning to Company level OKRs (as opposed to a pecking order of cascading goals top down!).

So, if it’s not inspiring and calling out business value, it’s not a good Objective. And, if it’s not quantified, then it doesn’t qualify for a great Key Result (KR). Check out our OKR templates to see if you picked the right KRs.

OKR Check-in meetings are one of the most important OKR rituals to get teams together after the initial high of writing OKRs and to prevent teams from falling into the set & forget the trap. Check-In meetings are to OKRs, what multiple reps are to building a muscle.

The Fitbots Product team has been pushing it hard at work, so you could have it super easy while updating Check-Ins on OKR Progress. Ta da! With our OKR Check-Ins Feature, capture those powerful notes from check-in meetings, easily share and download them into reports.

Here are the 3 simple steps to start using our Super Quick OKR Check-ins:

STEP 1: Log Into Fitbots

STEP 2: Select your Team, enter your KR Progress

STEP 3: Enter OKR Check Ins

Fitbots OKR check in steps
Steps to check in on Fitbots OKR software

Wait there’s more!

Here’s your Cheat Sheet in Getting OKRs Check-ins Right:

1) Select your OKR Champion

Team OKR Champions are like the Coxswain in rowing. They get the group together during check-in meetings, spot if the team is steering in the right direction, and call out KRs at risk early. OKR Champions also are the leaders of tomorrow, learning end to end of the business.

2) Set a Rhythm

Check-in meetings are the heartbeat of a great OKR roll out. Visualize your entire company going over OKR progress, week on week and updating progress. Not whenever they wish, but a day of the week when everyone calls out OKRs. Just as they say in Google ‘OKRs are just how we do business’.

3) Ask Powerful Questions

Remember, in OKRs, you are looking at progress, and eliminating constraints early, should they arise. OKR Check-in meetings when done week on week require data to be updated on progress. Asking a few powerful questions would be important to get teams thinking about outcomes rather than inputs.

Here’s our list:

  1. Which KRs have truly progressed?
  2. What are those big initiatives planned for the coming weeks?
  3. Are there any KRs at risk?
  4. Which ones have the most bi-directional alignment?
  5. How pumped are we in achieving these KRs?

Remember to update these on your new OKR Check-Ins Template.

4) Play OKR Games

Making OKR meetings fun is a game-changer to get teams enthused. Here are some OKR Games highly recommended by Team OKR Champions:

  1. People Bingo: Get some fun facts about your team members. Place a clue, and have the rest guess who that is! That’s the team member who goes next with the OKR updates. People come up with all kinds of fun clues in People Bingo ‘I can do a headstand for 5 whole minutes’ or ‘The one who has 5 cats and a dog’.
  2. The OKR Jeopardy Game: This is a good game to get new members to create a jeopardy game board (you can get some free sites to create these boards). Divide the team into groups, and shoot away those questions. Oh! Don’t forget to get those fun gifts, even if they are gift cards or virtual points.


So, you would get it by now how important are Check-In meetings to an OKR Roll out. By keeping that discipline on, along with the right tool, you can pretty much do away with any headaches in recollecting progress and how exactly did that happen!

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