OKR Tricks and Treats to Cast a Spell on Your Employees
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OKR Tricks and Treats to Cast a Spell on Your Employees

OKR Tricks and Treats to Cast a Spell on Your Employees

Something wicked this way comes - and it's wicked good! Company leaders across the globe are looking for ways to boost their organization’s performance this Halloween season. We have some tricks up our sleeves that result in some tasty treats - from an execution point of view. Keep reading...

  1. Trick: Stop with the Scatterbrained Spreadsheets!

Spreadsheets have no place in our lives this Halloween. A recent study conducted by Fitbots shows that investing in OKR Software at an early stage was key to sustaining OKRs for more than a year. The sooner you invest in rapid growth, the better!

Resulting Treat: Scale your company with ease using OKR software.

  1. Trick: Chop Off Those Extra Key Results

When it comes to Key Results, less is more. If you have eight or nine Key Results attributed to just one Objective, you’re getting closer to work-a-hell. The trick is in measuring only what truly matters - don’t mistake everyday tasks and activities for progress in results! The challenge lies in measuring the achievement of outcomes, not ticking off your task list. The goal is to shift your team’s attention from measuring inputs to measuring outcomes.

Resulting Treat: More focus, less hocus pocus.

  1. Trick: Create Magic with OKRs!

Coming up with aspirational Objectives is easy! But how does one inspire their teams to get the best results? One way to motivate your employees is to have a good CFR plan (conversations, feedback and recognition) - a handsome tool that is built into our OKR software. Another way to build inspiration is to assign OKRs to a team rather than to individuals - the ultimate method is to get different departments to write, pick and choose their OKRs together.

Resulting Treat: Employees are motivated to show results!

  1. Trick: Let Outcomes Chime in Regular Check-Ins

Just fifteen minutes a week of checking-in regularly makes a huge impact on the functioning of your organization. Get your teams together to identify which KRs have progressed and which are at risk, what went well and what needs steering in a different direction. Doing this regularly builds rhythm, accountability and allows your teams to chime in that their hard work is paying off.

Resulting Treat: Your workplace has a rhythm to measure progress.

  1. Trick: OKR Champions are your Crystal Ball

Your OKR Champion is your in-house expert on OKRs and how to execute them well. They help companies reset the thinking process and navigate the approach towards managing goals and executing strategies. Not only that, they can always check the quality of your KRs, and even help your teams frame better ones alongside getting them to adjust to a whole new level of discipline and streamlining. When in doubt, the OKR Champion comes about! They are your CHI masters to help the positive energy flow

Resulting Treat: Your teams have a magical friend to count on when things get hard.

How’s that for a treat? Use these awesome tricks to delight your teams this season and let us know how they worked out for you. Stick around for some more hauntilicious tricks to enchant your workplace! A very happy Halloween from Team Fitbots.


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