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How to Write Effective OKRs with the Fitbots OKR Assistant

How to Write Effective OKRs with the Fitbots OKR Assistant
If you are reading this blog, we are extremely delighted. Why? Because you may have given OKRs a shot and are currently wondering how to get it right or may be wondering how to write good, high-quality OKRs.

Needless to say, the second important step towards a successful OKR implementation is to define and write great OKRs (The first being identifying an Executive Sponsor: Download our OKR Pilot guide to read more).

how to write OKRs with Fitbots
How to write OKRs with Fitbots

The superpower of OKRs lies in its simplicity. If you complicate your Objectives and feed in too much information, you have lost the game right at the start. Or if your KRs are a ‘catch it all’ you would stretch yourself thin.

Many constantly struggle to write OKRs with clear and measurable metrics.

Our experience of having worked with 100s of teams across segments tells us that the problem lies in prioritizing, picking the right outcome metrics and giving it an OKR structure.

Struggling with writing OKRs? Download our free, expert crafted OKR Templates to start in a jiffy.

What if there was an easy prompt which could show you how to approach your Objectives in the right manner? Could there be an interactive tool which gave you the right formula to write your KRs correctly giving it the right punch it needs?

Well, there definitely is and here’s how you can do this on Fitbots:

1) Log onto the App and Choose the Team you Want to Start Writing OKRs for

Log into Fitbots
Log in to Fitbots
Go to Team OKRs on Fitbots
Go to Team OKRs

2) Enter your Objective

Objectives should tell you “ Where would you want to go”? Remember the 3 key Mantras while writing objectives

  • Great Objectives have words not numbers
  • They should be simple yet powerful so every employee in the company can relate to it
  • They must showcase the business value

Guess What? Our Objective Builder prompts you with not just sample objectives but also the right action words that can help you create a massive impact on your teams.

We told you, it’s as simple as A.B…. wait, we did not get to the C yet. So, here is a simple video on how to effectively write OKRs...

3) The C of course is Getting your Key Results Right

Most often than not, teams ricochet to tasks more than outcomes, while OKRs drive just the opposite mind shift! It emphasizes on the outcomes and considers tasks to be a part of the journey, to achieving those outcomes.

Your Key Results should tell you “ How Will You Measure Success?”

Choose Key Results, which show you making QUANTIFIED progress from X to Y and not just being in steady state.

With the help of our OKR Builder, you can choose what do you want to measure and how would you define progress? Meaning moving from X State to Y state because progress always means rowing together, in the right direction.

4) Accentuate Your OKR Writing

Whether you want to write OKRs from scratch or make new updates or changes to the existing set of OKRs, the ability to communicate and align teams to them is always a Herculean task. Our OKR Builder makes it easy for you to choose the right words which communicate results, impact and the reason for choosing a particular objective without investing too much time into drafting and doing multiple rounds of writing.

Now that you know how to write good OKRs, try our OKR Builder for free today and experience the ease of writing OKRs in more powerful ways.

For more such awesome updates, check out our Free OKR Resources today!

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