How 21K School Makes Classrooms a Happier Place
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How 21K School Makes Classrooms a Happier Place

How 21K School Makes Classrooms a Happier Place

21K School is a formal, recognized K-12 school that started in June 2020. The leadership team at 21K realized that education in India was significantly lacking. They reached the conclusion that technology was the key to solving many of the challenges faced by students. Noting that online education was hitherto unheard of in India, they have now grown much beyond their initial target by driving prioritization and alignment within their teams and stakeholders, and have gone on to successfully become India’s first and only recognized online school.

Initial Challenges Faced by 21K:

  • Spreading awareness regarding online education and reassuring doubtful parents that the online medium would engage and educate their children.
  • Creating an ecosystem that supported online education, especially in terms of the digital capacity of teachers and their ability to connect with their students online.
  • Maintaining high levels of engagement from the parent-and-student community during the onboarding process.

The Fitbots Effect: 

As a result, they saw a visible increase in parent satisfaction scores and found that they could tackle problems by keeping a close eye on progress towards desired outcomes - by having a good mix of both lead and lag indicators.

OKR Rituals That Clicked:

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