Gratitude and Mashed Potato are Two of the Great Luxuries of Life.
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Gratitude and Mashed Potato are Two of the Great Luxuries of Life.

Gratitude and Mashed Potato are Two of the Great Luxuries of Life.
“We might not always have it together, but together we have it all.”


The above is a common quote among Navy SEALs and sports teams, who are among the world's top performers. However, many companies struggle to replicate this high-performance culture.

According to research by Harvard Business Review, 95% of a company’s employees are unaware of, or do not understand, its strategy. And according to MIT Sloan, only 18% of middle managers and 13% of frontline managers can name the company’s strategic priorities. Alignment significantly deteriorates from top to bottom of the organization pyramid, and this is where 99% of the company's execution capability is concentrated.

This is where OKRs come in to align teams and managers to strategic priorities and create business impact, rather than drowning in endless task lists without understanding the connection of activities to company outcomes.

Let's go back to the example of 'Elite teams' like Navy SEALs. If you break down what drives their performance, what makes every member contribute above and beyond the expectations, it becomes very clear that they works towards a Common Goal or a Common Outcome that they want to achieve. Although the strength and power of working together as a team is so obvious, companies often tend to sway away from this core element of establishing and norming performance and achievements when it comes to setting OKRs.

Having worked with hundreds teams in startups and enterprises, the team at Fitbots realized that there was lot more to creating an ecosystem of high performing team culture  than just setting team OKRs and managing them. Let's dive into the elements that improve team performance.

1. Building the right focus on OKRs initiates a high-performance culture

Creating a high performance culture begins with building the right focus. Upon logging into a OKR software like Fitbots, the user is greeted with a concise overview of the progress being made by teams. It also highlights which teams need further support in achieving their OKRs.

Fitbots Home Dashboard


2. Having outcome-focused CFRs (Conversations, Recognition, and Feedback) are the backbone of effective OKRs

Be it a sports team or a team within your company, constant reflections and feedback on how to win as a team requires powerful conversations and reflections. Most importantly, conversations need to happen in context to the outcomes you want to achieve together as a team.

Getting the right recognition is an integral part of good workplace culture. 69% of employees have said if they felt appreciated that they would work harder, according to research by Oak Engage.

This is exactly what our interactive CFR feature aims at enabling. It also helps our users make their check-in meetings more progress focused. With the additional capacity of adding private comments and tagging other users, CFRs on Fitbots can be really effective.

CFRs on Fitbots

3. Enabling teams to prioritize actioning strategy is essential.

In the midst of multiple processes, analyzing data, creating reports, and conference room meetings, creating business outcomes takes a backseat. Leadership teams spend weeks interpreting data and strategizing for optimal business performance. Unfortunately, actioning that strategy is easier said than done. According to Harvard Business Review, 60–90% of strategic plans never fully launch.

At Fitbots, we recognize that this giant obstacle grows in size just as the organization grows. With the upcoming introduction of the Quick Action panel, users can log onto Fitbots and update progress in just a few clicks. This aims to enable teams to focus on actioning strategy, rather than collecting data or creating reports and PowerPoints.

The upcoming Quick Actions feature on Fitbots

4. Transparency on current and future progress with OKRs is crucial for teams.

Transparency is key to finding success with OKRs. At Fitbots, we take this one step further by not only showing teams how far they've come, but how far they would go at the current pace at the end of the OKR cycle. Our QuickPredict feature in the trends board gives an accurate look at the prophesied team performance, and helps teams tackle those KRs-at-risk early on.

Quick Predict insights on Fitbots

What’s more in the stuffing?

Our in-app users enjoy the ease and flexibility of our newly added Alignment Boards and Misaligned OKRs feature, not to mention three unique ways you can show appreciation to your teams. This Thanksgiving season, replace your attitude with some gratitude and you’ll find nutmeg, spice and everything nice!

To learn more about what Fitbots can offer, get on a quick call with us or take a free trial.


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