Best OKRs and KPIs Software to Manage your Business
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Best OKRs and KPIs Software to Manage your Business

Best OKRs and KPIs Software to Manage your Business

We’ve all heard of the Great Resignation, the Great Migration, now how about the need for Great Alignment of your Talent in 2023? 

Against the somber state of layoffs sweeping technology companies, management teams are seeking solutions that would get the best of their next-level teams, not just rely on pockets of individual brilliance.  

If you’re reading this blog, you are either the CEO or a Founder looking to recharge growth or are placed in charge of researching the best tools out there to enable your teams to achieve more.  

Once you see your Annual recurring revenue move to USD 1 Million and beyond, OKRs and KPIs software make perfect sense to get the best out of your teams by driving radical alignment. The value of OKRs and KPIs software is in the ability to be the single source of truth for data and insights on company, team, or individual performance.

Insights that take hours to put together through clumsy PowerPoint or spreadsheets are available with a single click. 

OKRs and KPIs software, also help teams to focus on Outcomes and Outputs, rather than inputs.   

In this article we will cover: 

  1. How are KPIs different from OKRs? 
  2. Examples of KPIs and OKRS 
  3. Best Software to track OKRs with KPIs 

How are KPIs different from OKRs?  

The dance between KPIs and OKRs is an interesting one. Both are essential to run and supercharge your business respectively.  

KPIs are the indicators of the business, team, and individual performance. They are the thresholds we need to maintain, to ensure we have a business. Many practitioners like to use the term ‘health metrics’ that indicate what’s essential to ‘run the business’. 

Every company strives to go beyond the ordinary and reach for the stars! That’s where OKRs come in, a strategy to execution tool that helps leaders and next-level teams move in harmony towards accelerating growth or strategic metrics.   

OKRs are tightly coupled with the Mission, Vision, and strategy of the business. You can consider OKRs as mirroring the company strategy as shared commitments, with cross-functional teams connecting and aligning to move a strategic or the company Key Result forward. Consider OKRs to be silo busters. They are not set in isolation but with cross-functional teams or squads coming together. 

KPIs are set for specific teams or departments or individuals, often linked to roles. 

You could also delve into these informative Guide to learn more:  

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What are some examples of KPIs? 

Revenue, Churn, Customer Satisfactions, People Satisfaction, gross margins, net burn, and sign-ups are all performance indicators to keep an eye on whether you have a viable business or not.  

KPIs can also be individual indicators of performance. For instance, Weekly reporting on time, number of calls made, number of blogs, and number of employee touch points are all performance indicators for a specific role. 

What are some examples of OKRs? 

Let’s say a company’s strategy is to grow through intense attention to customer retention and in turn expand existing accounts, the OKRs would be written not by Customer Success or Account Management in silos. A squad or pod representing teams from different groups would come together to move the strategic lever on customer retention.  

OKR Example for a Squad/Pod on Fitbots

Which are the best OKRs with KPIs software compared? 

Software that has the dual power of OKRs with KPIs can add immense business value and insights that never let you miss a smoke signal.  

The top features which are used to evaluate OKRs and KPIs software are: 

1. Simple and intuitive  

2. Have the ability to drill down from OKRs or KPIs to activities or actions

3. Show the interconnections between

- OKRs - Vertical and Horizontal Alignment

- OKRs and KPIs

4. Seamlessly integrate with other tools

5. Have the features to exchange conversations, feedback, and recognition

6. Pricing and plans

**Software evaluated with data gathered from publicly available information. 

Fitbots OKRs

Built by OKRs practitioners and industry experts, just for teams. Being an end-to-end experience partner, the software is supported with coaching and certifications on OKRs.  

What’s unique about Fitbots is the ability to track both KPIs and OKRs, and seamlessly mark those KPIs which are strategically moving the business forward and part of OKRs.   

Teams can create both Public and Private boards, to keep track of confidential metrics.

Each KPI can be drilled to the level of Actions, and each OKR can be supported with initiatives that move the business forward.   

All in all, Fitbots can be a single source of truth for both Strategy (OKRs) and Tactics (KPIs). Integrations offered are through Jira, Single Sign On, Slack, Zapier, and Open APIs.   

You would love the OKRs and KPIs templates, which are the most downloaded across the globe.   

The pricing for Fitbots starts at USD 5 per user per month, with no additional implementation cost. You can install the KPI Boards as an add-on, for just USD 2 per user per month.  

The company also stands out for its stellar customer service and support, with badges of honor from G2 and customer testimonials.  

Cascade App

Cascade is a strategic planning and execution software, which helps companies connect the Mission, Vision, OKRs, projects, and KPIs.  

The software gives the ability to create clear plans for each team, build quick reports for stakeholders, and track changes that are made to plans. Cascade also integrates with 1000 tools.   

Using the OKRs module, communication of the vision through strategic OKRs, connecting Team OKRs to company OKRs and tracking progress can be done with a click.  

Rated highly for customer support, they also have a KPI cheat sheet library of templates. 

Cascade has a free plan for up to 4 users and this plan lets one use 2 dashboards. The paid premium plan is USD 24 per user per month, billed annually.  


Perdoo enables teams and individuals to effortlessly add or delete KPIs and manage OKRs. One can create multiple Growth or KPI boards, that have a cross-functional view of your funnel, and track targets and actuals over time.  

Performance reports are available to drill down from the macro to the micro, visualizing progress for the organization.  

Premium Plan customers can make a KPI board private, however, this feature is not available for other plans. Goals can be updated at once, with check-ins on mobile, Slack, or Teams. 

Perdoo offers integrations through Google Sheets, SSO, Slack and MS teams, and Open APIs. 

KPI Boards are available only for Perdoo’s Supreme Plan at Euro 14 Per user per month (Approx USD 14.9 per user per month).  



Previously known as Gtmhub, Quantive Results and Quantive Signals offer OKRs and KPIs management respectively.   

Quantive Signals help monitor KPIs. Users can bring data from any source to the unified platform, detect anomalies, inspect and act. 

Seamless integrations are available via BigQuery, Snowflake, and Redshift. 

Quantive Results has features like Configurable OKRs management, approval workflows, import and export of OKRs, Alignment view, Whiteboards, shared owners, and collaboration. There is also a marketplace of Templates, Apps, and Consulting partners. 

There are also 160+ integrations available, of which Slack and MS team notifications are the only integrations available in the Essentials or Free plan.   

The Essentials plan is free forever with limited features. The Scale plan starts at USD 18 per user per month.   


To conclude, by using OKRs and KPIs software, teams can trace back business choke points, and get proactive alerts for Key Results at risk. Adding KPIs can help keep track of all performance indicators which are essential to run the business. Having OKRs and KPIs together will give a single source of truth for all data and insights.  

While there are many tools out there, managing OKRs with KPIs at an unbeatable price at a high value, is what makes Fitbots stand tall amidst the rest. The on-demand coaching and certifications from the best of experts get teams to write OKRs and KPIs consistently.   

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