A Guide to SaaS Conferences and 6 Strategies to Generate High-Quality Leads
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A Guide to SaaS Conferences and 6 Strategies to Generate High-Quality Leads

A Guide to SaaS Conferences and 6 Strategies to Generate High-Quality Leads

According to a 2022  Mckinsey study, “The global SaaS market is currently worth about $3 trillion, and the estimates indicate it could surge to $10 trillion by 2030.” What makes SaaS attractive is the huge revenue potential it brings, alongside its asset-light nature and scale. 

Fast forward to 2023, we are amidst a conundrum of global uncertainty, where software spending is being scrutinized by conscious buyers. While there is no silver bullet in making it through these times, SaaS companies are doubling down on creating value and sprinting to profitability, more than ever before.   

SaaS conferences are a great platform to showcase innovative products and learn from a community of founders and experts who have built companies. These conferences not only provide opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing but also serve as a goldmine for generating high-quality leads. In this blog, we will delve into the significance of SaaS conferences and explore strategies to maximize lead generation.

Our team at Fitbots OKRs recently sponsored the opening party and placed a booth at SaaStock USA, 2023. Earlier this year, we attended SaaStr Singapore and SaaSBOOMi Chennai.

To make it super simple for you, here’s a guide that will help you prepare for your next SaaS conference, based on our learnings.


1. List Out Your Outcome Metrics 

Now, who wouldn’t want conversions from a conference? If you are a sponsor or placed your dollars on a conference hall pass, the top question that you’d most likely get during your weekly review meeting would be ‘What's the ROI?’ 

For starters, get your teams aligned on the top outcomes of a conference. 

  • Brand visibility/engagement on Social media 
  • Number of contacts collected 

Or here are some advanced metrics which teams could brainstorm: 

  • Number of demos/ appointments booked 
  • Number of high intent Opportunities 
  • And of course conversions! 

2. Pre-Conference Research and Planning Are a Must

Remember the time when one would walk in cold into a conference, and let out a wide-eyed surprise to bump into people we know? No more serendipity. Apps like Brella have made networking and prep simple. 

Step 1: Browse through the list of attendees, and book a meeting in advance.  

Brella- a Networking app for conferences:

Step 2: Make sure you say something interesting about yourself. Ask yourself, ‘What would make people drop all that they are doing and engage with you?’ 

A sample introduction and in app notifications to watchout for during the conference. 

Keep a tab on notifications during the conference as there could be a lot going on, and these notifications would help you stay on course.  

Forewarning: Be prepared to get stood up for some pre-scheduled meetings. Conferences are chaotic. With a whole lot happening in parallel, scheduled meeting rates could be low.   

3. Have an Engaging Booth Design With Collaterals 

Marketing efforts are sometimes underestimated. It requires planning, commitment, and flawless execution to take it through. Set aside the assumption that people would know what you do!  

Here’s our experience: Fitbots helps companies align and drive velocity with OKRs. While OKRs are known to many, we got ready to meet those who do not know anything about what we’re offering.  

Some marketing campaigns: 

4. Have Memorable Conversations (Don’t Sell) 

One of our biggest learnings is that your fellow conference attendees are looking to solve a burning problem. Your solution could be one among many.  One option is to give a graduation day keynote address of your product (duh!). The other is, to run a discovery call. Ask them more about themselves, and what troubles they have at work. What are they using as a solution?  

Keep the demo fun and interesting, and paraphrase the problem articulated by the person.   

Consider hosting private dinners or meetups to create a more intimate setting for networking and lead nurturing.

Here’s your tool kit

  • Business cards (maybe), connect on LinkedIn instantly 
  • Flyers / Brochures 
  • Giveaways
  • Booth signage  
  • Adaptors/laptop

Pro Tip: Display a calendar link to book a meeting right then!

5. Interact with Though Leaders and Speakers 

If you are a sponsor or standing endlessly at your booth, you may not make most of the thought leadership talks. But if you do have the luxury of sitting through these awesome talks, lucky you! 


Make the most of these opportunities to connect with industry professionals, potential customers, and partners. Actively participate in conversations, exchange business cards, and engage in meaningful discussions to build relationships. 

Thought leadership sessions during SaaStock 

6. Create a Plan to Follow-up and Nurture Leads

Now this is where the work starts. Remember, you are one of many who are reaching out to a specific attendee. Send personalized emails or LinkedIn messages to express your gratitude for their time and reiterate key discussion points. Hyper personalize where you can. Next, follow through to check if the meeting would happen! 

We made a ‘follow through’ list of companies and attendees and dropped a LinkedIn messaging sequence. Here’s one we received.  

And finally, remember to stay hydrated, eat well, and meet new people.  The melting pot of cultures smiles, and more are memories in the making.  By strategically planning your conference attendance, leveraging networking opportunities, and utilizing social media, you can maximize your lead-generation efforts. Remember, to focus on building credibility, engaging with attendees, and following up diligently. Embrace the power of SaaS conferences, and unlock the potential to propel your business growth in the competitive world of Software as a Service.

About the Author

Vidya Santhanam is the Co-Founder of Fitbots OKRs. Having coached 600+ teams, and conducted 1000+ check-in meetings, Vidya likes writing about Metrics, high performance, and leadership.


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