3 Web 3.0 and Metaverse Tips to Achieve Your Marketing OKRs
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3 Web 3.0 and Metaverse Tips to Achieve Your Marketing OKRs

3 Web 3.0 and Metaverse Tips to Achieve Your Marketing OKRs

Changing Times Require Evolving Strategies

The technology space is constantly evolving, and marketing strategies need to adapt to stay relevant. Websites have evolved from static pages to interactive sites with dynamic content and multiple formats. Marketers are also now using email marketing, social media advertising, video marketing, and mobile apps to reach their audiences.

These days, marketing isn't about pushing a message out; it's about fostering meaningful conversations that help consumers learn about products and services they care about.

We're seeing these changes reflected in the latest web trends too. Web 3.0 is an evolution of the internet that will change everything from how we interact with computers to how we buy products and services online.

It’s no secret that the digital landscape is changing at a rapid pace. With new technologies emerging every day, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the changes. Web 3.0 is one such technology that’s becoming increasingly important for marketers to keep their finger on the pulse of, as it offers new opportunities for businesses to reach their customers in new and innovative ways.

In this article, we’ll take a look at what Web 3.0 is all about, why it matters to marketers, and how you can get started with it today!

What is Web 3.0?

Web 3.0 is the next generation of the internet, which will be powered by blockchain technology. It’s a decentralized network that will allow users to share information, services, and ideas without having to deal with middlemen like Facebook or Google.

It’s a platform that will allow people to interact directly with each other on a peer-to-peer basis. This new way of doing things will help us change the way we do business in this digital age.

How Will It Change Marketing?

The current digital landscape has made it hard for brands to stand out from the crowd and get noticed by their target audiences. There are so many platforms for companies to advertise their products and services on, but there’s also a lot of content being created every day which makes it even harder for them to get noticed.

With Web 3.0 coming into play, marketers have an opportunity to leverage their product’s utility function and create genuine connections with customers through smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps). This will mean that they can use their products as part of their marketing strategies instead of just relying on ads alone!

How To Strategically Be Ahead?

1. Make DApps (To Get Dabs) Instead of Apps

In short, DApps are decentralized apps that live as smart contracts powered by blockchain. 

Why not make your next app a DApp instead? 

  • Trust due to the immutable nature of DApps
  • Easy to buy-n-sell across the border
  • Can be Community-led growth to co-develop Decentralized Autonomous Organization - that's DAO to the cool crypto kids!

Fitbots Pro Tip: Funded and non-funded startups are equal here if you want to hit the infinity growth OKRs invest in DApps today.

2. Hold Your Event in a Metaverse

The current online events are monotonous. Zoom did a great job; you see there are no virtual bars where you can hit up others and engage them offline with interactive content nor is there a mix of synchronous and asynchronous communication.

While the fab exists, let your visitors slash those sabers and wind your brand coins which can be later exchanged for a product in the real world. Yes, those brick heads and missing torsos make sense to the young crowd who are powering the future of digital experience. 

Fitbots Pro Tip: Recruit the Meta influencers into your brand today. Get ahead of your game to hit those virality OKRs.

3. Confused? Just Pre-Announce Something With the Number 3.0 After It

No, it's not a marketing gimmick or a clickbait! Just circle the web. You will find a lot of brands hitchhiking on the bandwagon of Web 3.0. A small tour and vision of the future will push you to think beyond NFTs and the fab.

Start simple, here are some examples to copy:

  • 3.0 Virtual Job Boards 
  • 3.0 Hackathons 
  • 3.0 Community party

Fitbots Pro Tip: Once you have an objective to drive innovation, the KRs will follow. Take the initiative and you will get there.

What Are OKRs?

OKRs are a strategy execution framework based on critical thinking, streamlining teams to business objectives, and being thoughtful about how metrics and work is measured. 

OKRs are made up of three separate but interrelated fundamentals;

O - Objectives: What do we need to achieve and why do we need to achieve it?

Tasks and Initiatives: What do we need to do to get there? 

KR - Key Results: How do we measure success?

OKRs work with a simple philosophy - let’s shift the focus from Me to We. It ensures employees work together to focus their effort on what is most important, to make measurable contributions that will drive the company forward.

This framework was developed by Intel’s Andy Grove and publicized by John Doerr in his book “Measure What Matters.” Organizations like Google are known for their functioning on OKR systems to supercharge growth and drive change and innovation. More than 80% of Silicon Valley startups have adopted OKRs and experienced a meteoric rise in their growth - so yes, this method really works!

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