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Discover why 1000s of teams love using Fitbots to drive outcomes!

Fitbots has two key aspects. The OKR software is very intuitive and practical to use. The team also provided support & training to set us up for success. Fitbots as a partner makes complete sense for Will.

Caleb Baker
Leading player in HR services
Group Managing Director, Will Group
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2019 was when we took baby steps towards OKR implementation. We werenever an expert in the process. However, the continuous hand-holding andsupport from Fitbots team and the OKR coaches have today made us Talsterswell groomed, making sure we imbibed it very well. Today, I can proudly say,we do have many OKR experts in our team and they are very well versed withcrafting their OKRs right.

Jobin Jose
Co-founder & COO 
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Tracking of remote working teams has been quite easy. The alignment towards outcomes have increased more than the outputs

Krishi Fagwani
Co-founder & CEO Hashtag loyalty
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OKR Success Stories

Discover why 1000s of teams love using Fitbots to drive outcomes!



Transitioning from Annual Goal Setting to OKRs

Explore Will Group's journey and transformation, as they embraced OKRs to super charge their growth.