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OKRs Coach Certification | Certified OKR Coaches,  OKR Certification & OKR Training , OKR Consulting

Our OKR Practitioners undergo an intense 16 hours of OKRs certification. By getting trained on tools, techniques and frameworks, they enable Leadership and next level teams to write, align and sustain OKRs.  

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Certified OKR Coaches,  OKR Certification & OKR Training , OKR Consulting

Operating system

OKRs are like an operating system for your organization. Behind every successful OKR roll out , is a Champion who wins the hearts and minds of teams. To be this Champion, requires gaining expertise on the right methodologies, tools and rituals to introduce , coach leadership & next level teams and sustain OKRs with ease.  

The Fitbots OKRs certification has been designed by the global best OKR practitioners, to help you champion OKR roll outs for your organization or your clients. This is a 16 hour virtual certification, which takes champions through a complete life cycle of an OKR roll out , with interesting case studies , in class conversations ,  assignment feedback and powerful peer learning.  

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Fitbots OKR coaches are sought after for

Establishing OKR Practices

Driving and scaling an outcome driven culture

Building accountability and a mindset for data driven decisions

OKR Certification

Fitbots OKR certification is focused towards enabling professionals guide their clients/organizations adopt & scale OKRs. The OKRs training also enables coaches & consultants build rituals & practices such as mid-quarter check-ins, retro-reboot to sustain OKRs and help organization realize value.

Our formula based approach OKRs helps business leaders visualize outcome velocity and calibrate organizations decision making frameworks to realize dreams & vision.

Great coaches generally tend to be double hatting as Chiefs of staff, agile coaches, strategy leaders and process consultants in their primary role.

It's more than just certification. You would get exclusive access to

Lifetime access to OKRs.Pro community

Opportunity for affiliate partnerships

Exclusive OKR coach meetups & webinars

Certified OKR Coaches,  OKR Certification & OKR Training , OKR Consulting