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The key to finding success with OKRs lies in a great implementation.

Internal OKR Champions are the heart and mind of an OKRs roll out. The OKRs champion oversees the OKR roll out, and is the go to person for any queries on OKRs.   The Champion puts together tools and rituals to sustain OKRs, and coaches teams to conduct effective OKRs check-in meetings.   Fitbots celebrates champions with the OKRs champion badge, as an appreciation for the efforts placed in building a new way of work.

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

is a strategy-execution framework that has taken the world by storm, boosted by the success stories of tech giants like Google, LinkedIn, and Netflix. It’s no surprise that leadership teams are on the hunt for OKR software to help them implement OKRs effectively. The surprising part is that strategy execution isn’t the only benefit that OKRs bring about!