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Feeling Stuck With Spreadsheets? Time To Make The Switch

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

When it comes to OKR Management (Objectives and Key Result Areas) , spreadsheets are probably the go-to option when organizations are smaller. However, with that aspiration to get to '10X' growth and teams rapidly scaling beyond 20 members, one would probably realize it's about time to switch from Spreadsheets to an OKR tool.

Here’s how OKR tools can give you that seamless experience over spreadsheets:

1) Alignment

Successful OKR implementation is about aligning individual OKRs to Organizational OKRs. Good OKR tools help employees visualize how individual goals align to overall company goals, something which spreadsheets may not support.

2) Conversations and check ins

OKRs are backed by a culture of continuous feedback, regular Check-Ins and 1:1 conversations. Good OKR platforms enable both OKRs and CFRs (conversations, feedback and recognition), reference Measure What Matters by John Doerr. Spreadsheets cannot support the scale of these elements which comprise the very backbone of a successful OKR implementation

3) Reduce Errors

Regular update of OKR sheets, multiple loops of sharing it with managers and team members could result in manual errors, some of them critical enough to impact an individual's performance and growth. OKR platforms are automated and provide data which is validated and focused towards achieving 100% accuracy.

4) Think about Scale

As mentioned in the book Measure What Matters by John Doerr , “OKR is a simple idea that drives 10X growth” . Now imagine managing OKRs with spreadsheets when your company is growing at a 10X rate, doable? The chaos amidst scale is unimaginable.

Are you in the management/HR function and dealing with spreadsheets to update, maintain, record and track OKRs and performance?

Fitbots is a simple, user friendly conversational platform which enables you to set, track and manage your company’s growth using OKRs. Visit us at to take a free trial.