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Along with OKRs get CFRs right : Anand Kasturi shares his formula on how to seek feedback

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

As you read on about OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) the great goal framework that propels 10X growth, you would have come across CFRs (Conversations, Feedback and Recognition). Both extremely powerful frameworks that drive a performance driven culture are like two peas in a pod!

What are CFRs?

CFRs are the 1:1 conversations, feedback and recognition that happen at frequent check points while OKRs are in progress. The importance of timely and constructive Feedback needs no introduction. It’s an art and a science to give and receive. This requires efforts from both team members and managers to have feedback conversations which help stay the course while achieving OKRs!

What makes CFRs super important?

By having feedback conversations focused on OKR achievement, teams move from generic conversations to very specific and actionable conversations.

Setting a CFR rhythm:

The frequency of CFRs can be during progress check ins and most essential at the end of the OKR cycle. Team members who self initiate conversations and action feedback are more likely to smell success in goal achievement.

The Fitbots Spotlight team caught up with Anand Kasturi, a leading Executive Coach from the Coaching Foundation of India and trainer in Customer Centricity, who has worked with professionals across 15 Countries! Anand is a PHD from the University of Buckingham and MBA from IIM Bangalore. Anand's proprietary 360 feedback tool, 360changeMagic which has been used by over 750 leaders to run 360 feedback.

We asked Anand to share his formula on how does one prepare for a feedback conversation as a team member. Anand referred to feedback as a 'starting point towards change'.

Here is a powerful checklist which Anand goes by, as self-help guide for team members seeking feedback. Click here to Download the template.

Fitbots Spotlight is a series that features Founders , CXOs of organizations, Experts and coaches who have implemented OKRs and Feedback. Write in to Fitbots for a product demo to get onto an OKR culture.