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Candid Conversations with Thought Leaders & Industry experts on Strategy Execution & Focusing on What Really Matters.


Our OKR Journey at Quintype

with Chirdeep Shetty (CEO, Quintype)
&  Aruna Banerjee (VP, HR, Quintype)
Unprecedented growth needs unprecedented thinking & radical leadership!
Every company's growth trajectory largely depends on how its leadership team aligns its strategy to its mission. And more importantly how the company's people align with its strategy and growth.
Join us as both the CEO & CHRO of Quintype come together to reveal how OKRs created a much required strategic change, taking their company to new heights.
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Audio Podcasts


Workplace Accelerator
Episode 1 - Fitbots

Today’s guest is Vidya Santhanam, Co-Founder & CEO at Fitbots. We now live in a ‘Work Anywhere’ world. Performance Management is moving to Outcome Management, and that’s where OKRs come in. Fitbots helps CEOs align teams to business outcomes with OKR Software and OKR Coaching.

Video Podcasts

OKRs from a VC's Lens

with Vinod Dontimalla,
Vice President - Human Resources
Openspace Ventures

Vinod Dontimalla, shares his views on how OKRs form a very critical element from an investor's perspective. Why? because, it builds the much needed alignment & focus.

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