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Fitbot’s OKR Management is just what you need to drive outcomes for your distributed team. With our intuitive interface and templates, getting started on OKRs is super fast.


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Fitbots OKR Dashboard
OKR Dashboard

Be Smart - Be Ahead

Track Progress With Smart Insights

With our dashboards and intelligent insights, never lose focus on any performance metrics.  You could view progress of your company, team and seamlessly drill down to individual tasks.

OKRs at Risk

Get alerted when KRs are at risk

OKR Progress Prediction

Predict OKR achievement

Team OKR Performance

Understand weekly trends

Be The Winning Team

Align & Collborate

With our visual alignment view, teams can track dependencies and aggregate progress towards company outcomes

OKR Bi Directional Alignment

Align KRs bi-directionally

OKR Auto progress

Auto-update KR progress

OKR Weekly Reporting

Weekly Insights & Reflections

OKR Collaboration

Comment & Collaborate

OKR Dashboard

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Your security is our priority

Efficient collaboration depends on the right information being shared with the right people at the right time – and knowing it’s shared securely. Fitbots OKR software ensures sensitive company and customer information remains secure with enterprise-ready security features and compliance with various industry and cloud service standards.


ISO 27001:2013 Certified

Centralized Security command

Centralized Security Command center

Encrypted Data

Encrypted Data at Rest & In motion

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