Time to Emote with your REmote teams

May 4, 2020

Are you a startup or a large enterprise which has a significant number of employees working remote? Great Job! Not only are you adding to your 'Go Green' Karma, but also leveraging amazing talent beyond physical proximity.

Despite giving the autonomy and flexibility that lets remote teams perform at their best, we come across a number of companies which wonder if allowing teams to work from home/remote, will eventually hinder productivity and in turn impact the company's growth plans.

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), are like that spotlight which help drive sharp focus, and bring a high degree of transparency which is very critical to building a sense of purpose.

The magic of OKRs lies in the fact that it does not rely on people working within single office spaces. When companies are committed to communicating their mission and goals clearly, setting OKRs for remote workers is no different from that of co-located teams.  

# Build the bridge between autonomy & transparency

By picking KRs that matter most, remote workers can easily set their eyes on daily tasks very well. Provide them with the autonomy to choose the relevant tasks to achieve the KRs, all you need to do is have regular check ins and coach them as needed.

Wondering how to have a complete view on all the tasks & how it aligns to the overall goals? The task board feature of Fitbots allows employees and managers to track progress in real time while never losing sight of the overall objectives. Take our quick demo to explore this feature.

# Focus on outcome Metrics & not just the Hours

Many a time, managers focus on the number of hours spent on a project/task rather than on the outcome of the task. OKRs are an excellent way to develop a culture of outcome rather than a daily list of tasks. For example, at Fitbots, we analyze outcomes  of our remote Marketing teams on outcome metrics -increase in the %age of MQLs to SALs or week on week increase in %age of website impressions.

# The power of Check Ins

Frequent check ins and practicing CFRs, are a powerful way of engaging remote teams.  During your check ins, coach oriented conversations work best. For instance, if you find your team member missing timelines or unable to challenge themselves, see how you can coach rather than manage them.

Many a times, remote teams many have a FOMO; your continuous check-ins around OKRs can be a great way of keeping the alignment going.

# Recognize Achievements

Remote workers are no different from your co-located team members and why should they be? Although they are many times considered to be self motivated to work despite any constant monitoring, they need reinforcement equally or sometimes greater than those working within office spaces.

Showcase & celebrate their achievements like client appreciation, critical milestones, development efforts etc. just like you would in physical office spaces. Designate virtual meets to recognize their efforts and achievements and ensure they feel celebrated & cared for.

Do you have or manage teams working remote? Does aligning them to overall company goals seem like a herculean task?

Fitbots is here to help you get the best out of your teams. Click here for a quick demo or write in to us @ sales@fitbots.com to find out how we can partner with you.  

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