This is how Talview makes OKRs look good!

May 19, 2020

Hey all! Fitbots Spotlight series is back and how? World over, everyone is talking about managing teams remote and coping with the stress of everything going virtual. We are sure you would loveeeeee this one, because we bring to you one of our key customers who is managing their teams like a Pro even, while working remote.

The Fitbots team caught up with Jobin Jose, Co-founder and COO, Talview,  an AI led  Insta-hiring experience Platform which helps you hire your best candidates at great speed.

Fitbots Team: Please take our readers through your journey of starting Talview.

Jobin: Talview helps enterprises beat Hiring Lag and engage great remote candidates faster with the world's first AI-led Instahiring platform. Hiring Lag cripples businesses when open positions lie vacant adversely impacting a company's revenue, operations, and quality of hire. The best candidates today are in the market for only 10 days, and 6 of 10 candidates drop out of the hiring funnel when the process is too long.

With us, businesses achieve a 100% digital hiring process with a “one-click” high-quality candidate experience from the first interaction to final selection. .

As of till date,2020, we have 60+ enterprise customers who use us for end-to-end recruitment automation in IT hiring, sales and customer service hiring, campus recruitment, and high-volume high-value jobs.

Fitbots Team: Awesome! So what made you adopt OKRs at Talview?

Jobin: During our research we read through a lot of success stories of various startups who used OKRs. Our key objective of setting a goal culture was to make sure everyone was aligned to the overall company direction. We did not want our people be at crossroads when it came to alignment & magnitude of performance. This kind of alignment that we visualized is what OKRs would bring about for Talview and now every member in the team is aware of their priorities. They know how their day to day tasks are aligned to the team KRs and hence the overall company KRs.

Today every single member in Talview speaks the language of OKRs and that's an amazing culture to build.

Fitbots Team: Could you talk to us on how was it in the initial days of implementing OKRs.

Jobin: 2019 was when we took our baby steps towards OKR implementation. We were never an expert in the process. However, the continuous hand-holding and support from Fitbots team and the OKR coaches have today made us Talsters well groomed, making sure we imbibed it very well. Today, I can proudly say, we do have many OKR experts in our team and they are very well versed with crafting their OKRs right!

Here's our secret sauce:

1) The non-negotiable weekly OKR Champion meet: for an hour, every week the champions get together, call out any challenges, celebrate wins, call out dependencies, discuss roadblocks and make sure everyone is aligned to the OKRs.

2) Weekly OKR Check-Ins: Anything that happens in Talview, we use the term OKR meeting, every meeting focuses on how the activity or task is aligned to OKRs. We want to make sure OKRs become the 'genetic code' of every Talster.

3) Updating OKR progress on Fitbots: Whatever gets discussed, people need to make sure that their OKRs are updated by Friday evening come what may. By doing this, we make sure nothing gets missed and people are seeing, tracking and showing progress on their OKRs.

All our leaders and the management team are completely synced up to OKRs and this helps us prioritize, de-prioritize and engage our teams very successfully. Leadership buy-in is what makes us drive engagement through OKRs.

Fitbots Team: In today's 'business as unusual' times, how do you think OKRs has helped teams drive alignment & engagement virtually?

Jobin: Unlike trying to look for daily tasks in the Pre-OKR times, today, our teams focus on how outcomes. Talsters don't need daily clarity on what they need to do, they are very well aware of how and what they need to work on to achieve their quarterly objectives. It helps us plan better way ahead of the quarter. Actually, nothing has changed, instead of having a physical in person meeting, we are now using virtual teams. That's the only thing changed for us.

There are no more questions on daily tasks, people know what they need to deliver and they are responsible for their own tasks, not their managers, not their leads. We are focusing more on building Virtual happiness not really on tracking day to day tasks.

Fitbots Team: Your advice to companies who want to adopt OKRs but not sure what to do given everyone is working remote.

Jobin: Having moved on to OKRs earlier has been of great help to us. We did not experience much flux in business continuity despite the current challenges. We never lost the focus on growth and business objectives. Especially if you are a startup, OKRs are really key to the growth you are looking for.

Fitbots Team:Any Personal OKRs you are driving?

Jobin: (Smiling) , A very good question, "Making every Talster successful professionally and personally"  is my top personal Objective.

Thank You Jobin, with leaders like you who are invested in the professional and personal success of your teams, Talview and Talsters are headed for an incredible journey in the coming times. Contact us for a demo on how Fitbots can enable your Remote Teams.

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