Simply Powerful Hacks To Supercharge Your Pulse Surveys!

May 4, 2020

Often, when we talk about measurement, its best related to Goal Setting. Believe it or not, the concept of measuring what really matters applies equally well to pulse checks or surveys. Templatized questions running into pages not only puts off survey respondents, but also strews a ton of data points which you probably may never action!

Here are some simple yet effective hacks to get you better aligned towards outcome driven surveys:

1. Survey respondents take less than 3 seconds to read a question: Keep the surveystatements short and clear.

2. Pictures speak louder than words , so they say. Having a visual in your survey can get the engagement up by 80%!

3. Get to specifics; When people respond to a survey, it's because they believe thatthere would be an action taken. Making it specific will help you zoom in on whatmatters most.

4. Communicate! Always know that users have a lot on their to-do lists, so, to get theirattention, tell them the'Why' of the survey. This will help them make time.

5. Time the survey right. It's best not to launch a survey amidst the holiday season or a fatiguing year end closure of paperwork.

6. Encourage users to share reasons that made them select a rating. A thorough analysis of qualitative comments will help tell the story.

7. Make 'em contextual. Connecting the dots to measure what matters, pickquestions/statements that are specific to a particular activity. For instance, if you havea continuous performance feedback process, its best to survey the quality of feedback rather than the frequency.

8. Go Viral: Campaigns on 'I Dunnit, have you?' work positively as a peer influencer.

9. Prioritize actions fast. Today, real time dashboards give you the choice of implementing the right actions immediately, even before the survey closes. Faster theimplementation, higher is the trust in the survey.

10. Keep it short. Pulse surveys should not ideally go beyond 6 - 8 questions.

11. Incentivize survey respondents; We don't mean with goodies, but having themcontribute to ideas which help in quick actioning.

12. Space your pulse surveys. Over-surveying could lead to survey fatigue.

13. Make the messaging fun. We've often seen survey reminder mails go with long andboring messages like ' you have 4 days to complete the survey'. Get your creativehats on to make survey reminders fun and engaging.

14. Have your town halls (or virtual one) People love to hear what's going on. Surveyoutcomes played back to the participants can be more disastrous.

15. Involve individuals in action planning. Surveys are very often seen as placeholders to get the organization into action. However, they can drive individual actions as well "I set aside time for self development" is an example of measuring an individual's commitment to a career.

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