Setting OKRs for HR? Here's a Template to get you started.

May 6, 2020

Implementing OKRs in the company and is this your first time? You may have tried defining them, but not sure if this goal framework could get you the right results.

The first few weeks or months of OKR implementation could feel frenetic. As the company OKR champion you have to lead the way, build acceptance and drive that OKR culture bottom up. You know it is an awesome goal management tool which has a precedence for 10X growth, yet what is really overwhelming is getting it right for your employees.

The question to ask is , before getting it to everyone in the company, has your HR team got their OKRs right?  Read on for our super cool template:

#1: Keep Objectives Qualitative

Define objectives which are simple, yet inspiring, stretch, yet achievable. Structure your objectives around the overall company objectives so that your team sees a direct alignment of their work to what the company wants to achieve.  

#2: Metric Focused KRs

Making them quantitative and measurable helps in objective evaluation and cuts perception led assessment wherever possible. Break down the initiatives/tasks which will drive your team to action and identify the top key measurable ones as Key Results. Remember, the Key to successful OKRs is in chaffing the tasks from Key Results.

#3: Stretched but not Impossible

If OKRs are easily achievable, they are not OKRs. Build the stretch component into your Objectives so that getting a score of 70-80% at the quarter end feels like an achievement and not just a “huh that was so doable” thing. Push them out of their comfort zone and see them do wonders with their OKRs.

#4: Keep it short & simple

At most 5 objectives with 3-5 KRs each is the maximum recommended. Even better, try to keep it at about 3 objectives to drive the right focus and energy. The key is in being very focused and knowing what is extremely critical towards achieving the right outcomes. Empower your team to identify their own KRs rather than pushing it down and micromanaging.

Get Started with Your OKRs

If you are a startup and have small teams with less than 20 members, an OKR spreadsheet on Microsoft Excel or Spreadsheets is your way to get going quickly.

To get a super cool OKR Template for the HR team.  Simply click on the button to download it or make a copy and get going with your kickass goals.

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If you are anchoring OKR implementation for a company > 25 employees and finding it a hassle to manage the transparency needed for successful OKR implementation, Click here to take a free trial of Fitbots’ awesome and super interactive OKR tool and make your life as easy as a click!

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