Conduct Powerful Leadership Reviews with Fitbots Printables

Here’s how CXOs can run outcome-driven leadership reviews with the Fitbots printables. Also, get to understand how to establish focus and cutoff-digital distraction.

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As a CXO anchoring a leadership review, you probably have experienced the cumbersome task of skimming piles of data!  Screen time overdose & data from disparate sources would have played a super spoiler while making those sharp decisions. OKR Check-In meetings are probably the messiah for leaders running reviews; with data well structured, real time and all in one format! 

With our superbly simple set of OKR reports as Printables, here’s how we find CXOs run outcome driven leadership reviews.  

  • Establish focus & cut off Digital Distraction : OKR conversations are serious business, especially in cadence meetings with senior management teams and OKR Champions. To focus on specific outcomes which matter, you as a CXO could take our elegantly designed reports to get going on your discussions. Even better? Send a copy of the printable to the next level teams and have them equally engaged in your progress. Don’t Waste Time Toggling those screens.  

  • Ask the right questions: Peter Drucker, the Guru of management once said “The truly dangerous thing is asking the wrong questions”. During Leadership Reviews, here are a list of powerful questions that CXOs ask, using OKR data: 

                     What are the big wins you see ? 

                      Which KRs are at risk? 

                      Where are the blockers? 

                      Any big initiatives for the upcoming weeks? 

                      Which KRs can we definitely achieve?

  • Information Portability Across Organizational Limits - To maintain transparency and alignment, Founding teams often share updates with Investors & other key stakeholders. The option of sharing well formatted printables can help save a ton of time, and drive uber clarity. 


  • People need something to hold: In multi-generational and multi-cultural organizations, having information accessible in a pen and paper format works out better than just being on the screen. Many leaders still find using printed documents very handy while having important discussions and taking notes helps them arrive at decisions quicker. Toggling and switching between screens disrupts their thought process.

Why are we talking about printing documents?

Introducing Printables@ fitbots

Our users and OKR community users have increasingly inquired about the option of printables especially during check-in & cadence meetings. The need to have more focused discussions is taking precedence and also the demand for having review documents handy.

Here’s your super quick guide to using Printables at fitbots 

Step 1: Choose a report to export

Step 2: Verify the printable view & choose the page size

Step 3: Print or save using background graphics of your choice

And You are Set for that Review Meeting in a jiffy! We meant it when we said its Super Simple :) 

Bonus: You can play around with the setting for best suited view.

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