OKR Progress @ Your Fingertips

May 4, 2020

Scaling your company’s growth with OKRs depends a lot on your ability to align teams to your company goals coupled with tracking progress. Here’s how you can track OKR progress and predict OKR achievement in your company using Fitbots

High growth companies are fast switching to OKRs to scale growth, align employees to business growth.  

In today‘s VUCA world, companies need to increasingly become more flexible and future-oriented to overcome challenges while keeping a steadfast focus on growth. OKRs help you set the right focus, drive an outcome oriented culture hence building decision making capabilities. Taking right decisions at the right time helps drive alignment between tasks and goals at all times.

Fitbots dashboards are  highly intuitive and interactive, giving you the right insights into team progress on OKRs.

Insight #1: View Team progress on OKRs

Our dashboard gives you a real time view on the progress your team is making on their OKRs.

As CXO/Founder/Business Head your biggest ask is to have progress on goals at your fingertips. As in the example above, you can view the overall progress of different teams against their OKRs. Knowing which team is giving you the extra edge and which teams need coaching is always the most important information for business decision making.

As a CXO, one of your critical challenges is to manage short-term objectives considering the long term plans. With scale, the speed of execution might experience roadblocks due to duplication and inefficiencies around execution. Having a view of progress helps you identify what is important to be achieved and what needs to be done to make sure teams work towards achieving it.

Insight #2 - Predict Your Progress

Knowing what your team’s progress is great to know, but how amazing can it be if you could predict the progress of OKRs based on how the teams are performing. The Fitbots intelligent predictor can help you plan the quarter well in advance, and highlight KRs at risk. This also gives you a good idea on whether the goals are not stretched enough or too far stretched.

Well planned algos using confidence index and overall progress help you decide if its the right time to step in and see if there are roadblocks which need to be addressed immediately or actually not creating the right impact as needed.

In this example, Marketing team’s predicted progress is only 15% for the next week and 22% at the end of cycle. This can give you the needed information to make relevant business decisions and most importantly, how would this progress affect overall company goals. How cool would it be for you to know all these things well in advance?

# Insight 3 : Confidence Index

Traditional Performance Management systems practice goal setting top down. However, the very core of OKRs is to engage every employee in the company and rally them to the company vision. There is no better way of doing this than having a participative Goal setting process. When teams set goals, and communicate their confidence about achieving the goal, it is much easier for the managers to take the necessary interventions for increasing the confidence index either through coaching or by making necessary changes to the goals as needed

OKRs are not just a standalone strategy execution tool but an all rounded management framework which helps leaders achieve their vision while also engaging and involving their entire company in the journey. Fitbots provides features which help you develop OKRs as a culture and not just as a process.

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