Kill those surveys....

Year on year, we hear companies drumming up engagement surveys, with "Your Voice matters, Give Us Your Feedback" campaigns, gunning to get to over 75% response rates!

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...If You Can't Do the Action Planning Right!

Year on year, we hear companies drumming up  engagement surveys, with "Your Voice matters, Give Us Your Feedback" campaigns, gunning to get to over 75% response rates!    

It's more than obvious that employee engagement does not increase just by frequent pulse checks, amazing participation campaigns or town halls to replay Survey results. A Fitbots poll revealed that  more than 80% employees want to know if their feedback really mattered to the management and which are the ones which will Get to implementation.

Here is your cheat sheet to cut the chaff and get to implementation.

# Reduce time to action

One of the biggest grouse for HR teams and participants is the time to action post survey closure. Teams get into the famous trap of 'analysis paralysis' sometimes going to weeks before understanding the story.  

With real time dashboards and the power of NLP,  HR teams can get to key insights without weeks gone by.   Fitbots has a simple and intelligent real time dashboard to get to the story right from the time go of respondents sharing feedback.  

# Narrow down the focus

More often than not, Management and HR teams spend a lot of time on picking and choosing the areas of focus which they want to work on.  These can go on as verbose action planning workshops, taking time and bandwidth of all involved.  

Instead, by using a simple Action Planning Matrix, plotting effort and impact, you could get to deciding which ones would matter the most for the quarter.  

Remember that underestimating the impact some of the action items chosen can create and thus miss picking the most high impact action areas. Equally or more underwhelming, is overestimating an action item. By overestimating the impact an action could make you will most likely end up with a lot of time and energy spent and a long list of disconnected and low impact actions.

# Involve managers

Managers can have a huge impact on people experience, and super charging implementation.  

       1) Give managers access to cumulative team response without reference to context

       2) Make them believe that employee survey feedback is not a derailer but an enabler to  increase their team's productivity &             engagement

       3) Use survey comments to highlight some of the critical concerns employees might have

       4) Empower managers to focus upon and strengthen positive results

Fitbots has a very simple and insightful way of highlighting the survey outcomes and showcasing employee sentiments. Click here to take a demo of our simple and interactive survey polls and reports.

# Commit and Stick

Place a greater degree of commitment and focus on post survey closure, rather than upping participation alone.  Commit dates for relaying of survey results and planned actions. Stick to the committed dates. This is the first step to trust building and ensuring that participants respond to future surveys with the same or more vigour.  

Growth focused and smart organizations never underestimate the importance of employee engagement. They know that engaged employees are the secret weapons to increased productivity, reduced turnover and increased bottom line.

If you are planning your engagement survey with razor sharp focus on measuring what matters, write in to Fitbots to partner with you for creating your next high impact employee survey.

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