May 22, 2020

The whole world has gone remote!

Video conferencing, ‘unmute’ bloopers and remote collaboration rule our lives today.  In short, it’s all about getting work done, delivering those outcomes whether co-located or not!

Hopefully, you’re getting used to the #newnormal with social distancing, which definitely does not mean emotional distancing which your teams would so hate!  We are super excited to share Fitbots is now on Slack !

This is where you can now collaborate and keep track of your OKR updates by creating your very own Team Channel!  And here's how:

Create a Channel:

By all means, Creating your Team Channel is Step 1. Fitbots enables you to create a team with that fancy- schmancy name, add your team members, and Add Team to Slack. Voila!

Get your Updates delivered on Slack:

We did a bunch of user calls on what matters most, when it comes to OKRs. The top 2, are getting to know when an OKR is created and edited. The other was around getting OKR progress updates delivered.  

Everybody needs that big virtual hug:

Yes, virtual appreciation that pat on the back gets activating that cuddle hormone oxytocin. So, we definitely want you to get yours delivered right to you.  Appreciation around OKRs gets super fun with our catalogue of OKR badges to your team channel.  

If you need to get your teams to change their script from speaking task lists to outcomes, you know where to go.  Write in to fitbots for a demo on how we can help drive that goal culture for your remote teams.

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