A Glimpse of Our Simple & Interactive Team OKR Management tool

May 6, 2020

Successful & effective OKR Management is all about aligning teams to the organizational OKRs, your Northstar!

The one common question we come across from either our customers, prospective clients or the high growth companies which want to adapt a successful OKR culture, is, "How do we define team OKRs & track them?" The visible challenge for many in the leadership teams is, to convert company level OKRs, into meaningful & measurable team outcomes.

# Define & track your team OKRs the Fitbots Way

Fitbots gives you the advantage of enabling team OKRs in alignment with the company OKRs.  Teams can choose a cool way to represent their profile & also assign OKR Champions. The Fitbots robo assistant guides you with framing the right KRs. Pretty easy, even if you are a newbie to OKRs.  

# Conversations, Feedback and Recognition

Remember CFRs? The sibling of OKRs!  

Feedback conversations support Team OKRs and this can be experienced through a very simple and collaborative feature available on Fitbots.  

# What's More?

Our interactive dashboard lets you to view & track the team's progress on their KRs and an interactive system gives you some cues to check-in regularly on the progress or even give kudos to the team

Fitbots is a super simple, smart, fun & an interactive OKR system which helps in aligning & engaging your teams to achieve just the right objectives. Get your Free OKR template and start setting your team/company OKRs right away

Click here right away for a free trial to explore more such interesting & exciting  features from Fitbots .

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