5 Killer Hacks to Increase your Pulse Survey Response

May 6, 2020

Getting a sense on employee NPS (Net Promoter Score) is unarguably one of the top KRAs for CXOs. With verbose Annual Surveys being passe, organizations are increasingly moving towards frequent check ins.

Let’s face it, frequent pulse surveys or check ins may not always be called out with that  welcome sign.  Employee attention to organizational programs tend to get divided amidst the clutter of tasks, client deliverable or even social media! According to study published by Gloria Mark, from the University of California, Irvine in Google re:Work, the average attention span of a Digital worker is just 40 seconds between tasks!

As a survey designer, here are 5 simple hacks that would actually get your employees to fill out surveys!

1) Less is More:

When we measure everything, we measure nothing. To top it all, garnering responses or action planning becomes a harrowing task. So, before you get ready to roll choose wisely on measuring variables that matter most, and are actionable.

2) The magic number:

Given that surveys tend to get repetitive and tiring for respondents, a good practice is to select not more than 5 questions for a pulse check in (or if you are still the Annual Survey fan, stretch no more than 20).  Remember to sequence your pulse check surveys so that you measure what is most contextual and relevant for the week or month.

3) Make it visual and engaging:

A picture speaks a thousand words! Introduce fun elements like visuals to get your respondents engaged. Conversational surveys and witty ‘survey breakers’ help reduce fatigue and aimless clicks.

4) Capture Qualitative:

Selecting a rating only tells one part of the story. Well-designed surveys also prompt users to mention ‘Why’ have they selected a rating, making the analysis and action planning meaningful.

5) Action Planning:

Using advanced Machine learning algos, survey outcomes can zoom to specific action areas in a fraction of time. If your Survey analysis takes 4-6 weeks, you could be certain that its pretty much irrelevant to a talent force which wants it here and now!  

Thinking about implementing engaging pulse surveys for your teams? Write into Fitbots for a demo.

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