How to reset OKRs during
business uncertainty

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OKRs During Business Uncertainty

Businesses today are facing tough times like never before. With very little time to prepare for such an unprecedented crisis, companies focus on ensuring their teams achieve the business outcomes by resetting their OKRs and focusing on what matters most in current times.

How to run an OKR Pilot

You have heard of OKRs, and are probably thinking about how to get started. OKR Pilots are a great way to introduce your organization to OKRs & let your pilot team be your OKR ambassadors. In this e-book you will learn about best practices in OKR Implementation and the key roles that would help you get it right, the first time!

A Manager's Guide : Working Remotely and Achieving Goals

The New Normal of Remote Working has caught up with businesses globally. Managers have a great responsibility of keeping an engaged and productive team irrespective of where they work. This guide is a treasure trove of tips and best practices to build a great goal culture, as managers manage teams from a distance.

A CXOs Guide to Implementing OKRs

CXOs are the best OKR Sponsors. The success of OKRs depends greatly on how involved CXOs are in driving OKRs as a culture. If you are a CXO who has either dabbled with OKRs in the past or thinking about introducing OKRs, this handbook will give you all the ingredients to get OKR implementation right.

How to build Leadership effectiveness

OKRs are not only a strategy execution tool, but a critical thinking framework. Leaders who introduce OKRs, have been successful in building a great goal culture. In this e-book you will get a first hand experience of how OKRs and Leadership coaching go hand in hand.