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An intuitive OKR Platform.
Director, OKRs Training

"Fitbots is one of the most intuitive OKR platforms I have seen. While most tools have a feature overload, Fitbots has a user-centric approach, providing Rockstar value to customers, with Visual OKR Alignment boards, insightful dashboards, the ability to collaborate through feedback and mentions, and more!"

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Adhoc mindset

Absence of OKRs makes teams operate in silos. The focus is on projects or task completion not outcomes which can destroy your business.

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Most suitable for small organizations who are setting out on their OKR journey. Cost-conscious on investment and need basic features with self serve templates.  

Comprehensive OKRs Management
Alignment Boards
OKR Assistant and templates
Conversations and Appreciation
Built-in academy
SSO & In-App support
Milestones / Initiatives Management
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User / Month
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Organizations who are scaling at a hyper growth pace and wish to scale OKRs across the organization. Need basic integrations with advanced dashboards.

All in Surge
Advanced dashboards
Sub-teams upto 3 Levels
Integrations via Zapier
Private Feedback
Individual OKR Progress Report
Customer success
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Organizations who are mid-large, transitioning from other goal frameworks to OKRs. Need handholding from our stellar OKR coaches for change management, advanced integrations, and enterprise grade security and support.

All in Scale
Packaged OKR coaching hours
JIRA Software, API Integrations
Dedicated account manager
Sub-teams up to 10 Levels
Custom contracts
Beta Predictive Insights
Min. 100 Users
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Santa makes OKRs easy

It takes just 10 minutes to become familiar with OKRs.
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Dashing through the stars, on the wings of OKRs,
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You can achieve so much more with the whole team by your side!

Jingle bells, jingle bells, OKRs all the way!
New Year looks so bright ahead when the strategy’s all in place!

Jingle bells, jingle bells, OKRs all the way!
Easier to get it right on the execution sleigh! 

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